About TUSCA (Tunnelling & Underground Space Contracts Association)

Tunnelling & Underground Space Contracts Association (TUSCA) is a non-profit association of engineers, lawyers and contract experts, established in 2019 with the following objectives:
  • Foster fair and balanced contracts in the underground works industry
  • Assist its members in their business development as consultants, advisors, trainers, adjudicators and arbitrators, in underground works procurement and contracting
  • Support education and training in underground works contracting, in particular (but not limited to) the application of the FIDIC-ITA Emerald Book
  • Promote commitment to sustainable development in underground works

The founding members of TUSCA have all been part of Task Group 10 initiated by FIDIC and ITA to develop the new FIDIC-ITA Form of Contract for Underground Works, published in May 2019. They are professionally active worldwide in procurement, planning, management, contracting, claims and/or disputes and dispute resolution associated with large infrastructure works, with a combined total of over 200 years of relevant experience.